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Do Cemeteries Restrict Lettering Options on Monuments?, Rochester, New York
When the time comes to consider your options for monuments and memorials, your primary concern may be the shape of the burial markers or the materials of which they’re made. However, as the team at McGee Monuments in Rochester, NY, ...read more
3 Tips for Buying Monuments, Rochester, New York
Monuments commemorate the life of a loved one with a tribute that endures forever. If you’ve never purchased one before, however, it can be an intimidating task. To help you understand what to look for when buying monuments, headstones, ...read more
Rochester, NY Headstones & Grave Markers Businesses
McGee Monuments, Cemetery, Cremation Services, Headstones & Grave Markers, Rochester, New York
508 State St
Rochester, NY 14608
(585) 546-4602
For over a century, Rochester families have relied on McGee Monuments for beautiful grave markers and compassionate, respectful service. As a local, family-owned company, they understand the difficulty of losing a family member, and prid...
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How to Replace an Existing Gravestone, Rochester, New York
Gravestones are used in cemeteries throughout the world to mark the final resting place of a deceased person. If you’re planning to replace a gravestone for any reason, it’s imp...read more
FAQ: What You Need to Know About Monuments & Memorials, Rochester, New York
Losing a loved one is never an easy thing. However, funeral monuments are an excellent way to memorialize their life. To give you more information about this form of posthumous ...read more
Headstone Cleaning & Preservation Advice From McGee Monuments, Rochester, New York
After many years, headstones often accumulate dirt, mold, lichen, or moss. Porous stones are especially prone to fungus growth. If a loved one’s grave stone is in need of c...read more
Grave Marker Buying Guide: Top 3 Options to Consider, Rochester, New York
Grave markers, also known as headstones or memorials, are meant to mark the grave site of a person who has passed. These essential markers are fabricated from a variety of ...read more
Top 3 Most Popular Font Styles for Headstones & Cemetery Lettering , Rochester, New York
Headstones and monuments should strike a natural balance between tastefully traditional and memorable. Once you’ve chosen the actual headstone and have decided on an inscription, it’...read more
5 Symbols Commonly Used on Headstones & Their Meanings, Rochester, New York
If you have recently lost a loved one or you are pre-arranging your own funeral, you may be shopping around for headstones. Headstones and monuments are some of the most importa...read more
A Simple Guide to the 4 Types of Headstones, Rochester, New York
Usually, those purchasing headstones are doing so for the first time, and as most will be experiencing strong emotions, they might have difficulty choosing the ideal grave ...read more
The Basics of Installing Grave Markers, Rochester, New York
If you’ve recently lost a loved one, there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider. In addition to the funeral arrangements, if the cemetery your loved one wanted to be buried in...read more
McGee Monuments Explains the Cemetery Lettering Process, Rochester, New York
Many married couples wish to share a headstone when they pass away. However, one partner often departs years before the other. When the couple is finally rejoined, the survivors must...read more
How to Choose an Appropriately Sized Funeral Monument, Rochester, New York
Funeral monuments are a beautiful way to commemorate the life of your deceased loved one, but it is important that you take size into consideration. McGee Monuments has some helpful ...read more
More Than a Gravesite Marker: 3 Additional Purposes Headstones Serve, Rochester, New York
Although they are typically used to mark burial sites, headstones can depict a deeper meaning than meets the eye. In fact, McGee Monuments in Rochester, NY, believes they can be used...read more
McGee Monuments Offers Must-Know Terms for Burial & Cremation Services, Rochester, New York
As a fixture of the Rochester, NY, community, McGee Monuments has been the most qualified local burial and cremation company for over a century. While the particulars of monuments, m...read more
McGee Monuments Explain Funeral & Memorial Traditions, Rochester, New York
Since 1900, McGee Monuments has been dedicated to crafting the highest quality grave markers and monuments in Rochester, NY. Their high-quality granite gravestones and monuments have...read more
3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Grave Marker, Rochester, New York
Headstones are a permanent way to memorialize and honor a loved one for generations to come. Choosing the right grave marker can be hard, though, and there is no reason to rush throu...read more
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