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Car Tuning Explained by a Diesel Repair Company, Wheatland, New York
Car and truck enthusiasts often seek ways to get better performance from their vehicles. Whether the goal is more efficient gas mileage or increased power, professional tuning is one of the best solutions. The diesel repai...read more
4 Interesting Facts About Line Boring Machines, Wheatland, New York
Line boring machines enlarge holes that have already been drilled or cast, and they allow operators to achieve higher accuracy and efficiency. Jack’s Repair & Road Service in Scottsville, NY, provides comprehensive truck repair servi...read more
Wheatland, NY Welding & Metalwork Businesses
Jack's Repair And Road Service, Truck Repair & Service, Diesel Truck Repair, Welding & Metalwork, Scottsville, New York
2339 North Rd
Scottsville, NY 14546
(585) 538-2399
You rely on your truck to get you to and from your job safely, but with all the punishment you put it through, the occasional truck repair is inevitable. Jack’s Repair And Road Services, located in Scottsville, NY, is the area’s&nbs...
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Most Common Causes of Diesel Engine Failure, Wheatland, New York
Most drivers understand how crucial the engine is to their vehicles. However, some might not know that diesel engines require special attention and care. According to the professiona...read more
Characteristics to Look for in a Roadside Assistance Company, Wheatland, New York
With winter weather right around the corner, it’s important to develop a relationship with a reputable roadside assistance company. Whether you need a jump start or a tire change, ha...read more
Top 3 Tips for Staying Safe After Your Car Breaks Down, Wheatland, New York
Whether your car is brand-new or an older model, it’s important to have a safety plan in mind if the vehicle breaks down. Waiting for your local 24-hour road service to arrive means ...read more
3 Dangers of Neglecting Your Tires, Wheatland, New York
You know how important taking care of your vehicle is, but are you aware of what could happen if you neglect your tires? There are a number of reasons these important components of y...read more
How Does a Diesel Engine Work?, Wheatland, New York
Diesel engines are known for their efficiency and power, but how exactly do they work? For such a commonly used product, general public knowledge of their internal processes is limit...read more
Truck Repair Tips: How to Change Your Battery, Wheatland, New York
While your truck may seem indestructible, its battery won’t last forever. When this component reaches the end of its lifespan, it’s crucial to know how to change it.&n...read more
3 Ways to Tell if You Need Mobile Axle Repair, Wheatland, New York
Your axles don’t just hold your wheels in place. Their alignment also plays a crucial role in allowing you to steer and control the car, and if they’re not in great shape, you’ll lik...read more
3 Signs Your Engine Needs Transmission Repair, Wheatland, New York
When it comes to car problems, no driver wants to hear that they need transmission repair. However, all vehicles will eventually have problems with their transmission as they age. Th...read more
3 Signs You Need New Tires, Wheatland, New York
Every time you take your vehicle out for a drive, your tires inevitably take a beating, causing them to develop damage and wear that can accumulate over time. To help you avoid ...read more
Pros & Cons of EGR Delete Kits on a Diesel Engine, Wheatland, New York
Many drivers turn to Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) delete kits to improve their engine’s performance. But installing one in your vehicle can have its pros and cons—EGR sy...read more
3 Savvy Ways to Avoid Trouble With Your Diesel Engine, Wheatland, New York
Because of the high power with which they run, diesel engines require a diligent maintenance program to keep them operating smoothly. But with some guidance from a trusted truck repa...read more
Truck Repair Shop Explains the Importance of Regular Tuning & Prompt Repairs, Wheatland, New York
Unlike small vehicles, trucks are required to do so much more. No matter the industry, trucks need to be on the road for longer periods of time, drive further distances, and often,&n...read more
3 Things to Consider When Buying New Truck Tires , Wheatland, New York
Whether you use your diesel truck to haul large loads or just go off-roading on the weekends, having the right set of tires is essential. Jack’s Repair And Road Service in ...read more
4 Critical Signs You Need Mobile Axle Repair, Wheatland, New York
With the responsibility of preventing transmission fluid leaks, an axle shaft seal is a vital component in any vehicle. If it should ever fail, your car’s transmi...read more
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