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3 Tips for Finding the Right Roofing Contractor for Roof Replacement, Henrietta, New York
Having a solid roof over your head is imperative to your well-being and your property’s overall visual appeal and value. As such, finding a roofing contractor who can tackle both roof installation and ongoing repairs is high on the prior...read more
5 Signs You Need a Roof Leak Repair, Henrietta, New York
Your roof helps protect your home by keeping Mother Nature out, which is why providing it with the proper leak repair is so essential. The roofing professionals from Patriot Construction in Rochester, NY, specialize in lasting ...read more
Webster, NY Home Additions Contractors Businesses
Patriot Construction, Home Additions Contractors, Home Remodeling Contractors, Roofing and Siding, Rochester, New York
34 Lightfoot Street
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 720-0990
When you own a home, you want both the interior and exterior to reflect your personality as much as possible. The first step is having a grand vision, and the second is hiring experienced (and passionate!) professionals to bring your vis...
Mallo Home Improvements, Home Additions Contractors, Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, Home Remodeling Contractors, Rochester, New York
2008 E. Main Street
Rochester, NY 14609
(585) 654-9530
Mallo Home Improvements, Inc. has been a family owned business since 1957. We are one of Rochester's most familiar remodeling companies. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen design. We will work closely with you to help you realize the ...
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3 Reasons to Schedule Roof Leak Repairs Immediately, Henrietta, New York
Small roof leaks may seem harmless, but they can cause serious and costly issues over time if you fail to address them. Although you may be tempted to put a bucket down as a qui...read more
House Additions: 3 Tips to Ensure Your New Room Looks Beautiful , Henrietta, New York
When working on a room addition project, you want to be happy with the finished results. When people in upstate New York need advice on how to make house additions beautiful, they tu...read more
3 Signs Your Home Needs Professional Cedar Refinishing, Henrietta, New York
There’s something special about a cedar siding. With a luxurious yet rugged feel, cedar homes are extremely popular, which is why Patriot Construction in Rochester, NY, speciali...read more
The Top 3 Benefits of Vinyl Siding, Henrietta, New York
After being introduced in the late 1950s, vinyl siding quickly became one of the most popular siding choices for both residential and commercial property owners. The high-tech v...read more
3 Ways Vinyl Siding Can Add Value & Beauty to Your Home, Henrietta, New York
House renovations and upgrades not only improve your home’s appearance, but they also significantly add to the value of your house. One of these renovations is the addition of v...read more
5 Bathroom Ideas for Your Dream Remodeling Project, Henrietta, New York
If you're looking to shake things up in your existing bathroom, or if you want to start fresh with a new house addition, there are plenty of amazing bathroom ideas to consider. The s...read more
Basement Remodeling 101: 5 Options to Consider When Refinishing , Henrietta, New York
When you want to get more out of your home’s square footage but aren’t ready for a house addition, basement remodeling is a great option. However, Patriot Construction—a trusted...read more
What You Need to Know About Buying Vinyl Siding , Henrietta, New York
If you’ve been looking for a durable and low-cost way to improve the look of your home’s exterior, installing vinyl siding may be the perfect solution. When Greater Rochester homeown...read more
3 Tips for Buying a New Roof From Rochester’s Top Roofing Team, Henrietta, New York
Dependency on your roof to keep your family safe and protected from the elements is natural, which is why you should make sure it’s always in mint condition. Whether you're...read more
3 Ways New Roofing Will Improve Your Property Value, Henrietta, New York
There are many benefits to installing a new roof, and one of the biggest is it’s an investment that will end up increasing your property’s value. Patriot Construction is a certi...read more
3 Signs You Should Replace Your Vinyl Siding, Henrietta, New York
Does your home need new siding? Find out how to inspect your home for siding issues with helpful advice from Patriot Construction. Serving the Rochester, NY, and surrounding counties...read more
Rochester's Roofing Experts Explain Why Proper Ventilation Is So Important, Henrietta, New York
Every home, regardless of how sophisticated its design is, needs good roofing to protect it. No one knows that better than the team at Patriot Construction. They have been the R...read more
Bathroom Ideas & Tips for From Rochester's Home Remodeling Professionals, Henrietta, New York
If you’re planning on doing some home remodeling this season, you may be exploring different bathroom ideas to update the bath and shower areas. You can get in touch with the te...read more
Patriot Construction Shares 4 Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home Remodel, Henrietta, New York
Are you looking to remodel your kitchen? Whether you want to brighten your cooking space with window installations or maximize your working area with a home addition, there are many ...read more
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