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Save Up to 10% on Oil Heating System Cleaning Service, Ledyard, Connecticut
Cooler temperatures are quickly approaching. To ensure your home stays warm this winter, schedule regular cleaning with your heating oil delivery. Andersen Oil Company in New London County, CT, specializes in keeping homeowners...read more
3 Ways to Save Energy With Home Heating Oil, Ledyard, Connecticut
Responsible for regulating temperature, heating systems are essential to the comfort and climate of any home. Efficient and resourcefully plentiful, heating oil is one of the most common fuels Americans use to warm their houses in the wi...read more
Gales Ferry, CT Heating Businesses
Andersen Oil Company, Heating & Air, home heating, Heating, Ledyard, Connecticut
Superior service, quality workmanship, and a loyal customer base; these are some of the qualities that Andersen Oil Company has come to be known by. With over 45 years of experience servicing oil heating systems and offering se...
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5 Money-Saving Tips for Your Home Heating Oil, Ledyard, Connecticut
As the nights get colder, you may find yourself wanting to warm up your home with your heating system. However, when your heating oil bill arrives, you won’t be pleased by abnormally...read more
Prepare for Winter by Locking in Your Home Heating Oil Costs, Ledyard, Connecticut
As the weather shifts from hot and humid to cool and crisp, now's the time to get your home's heating systems ready. Andersen Oil Company, serving residents in New London County...read more
3 Advantages of Replacing Your Heating Oil Line, Ledyard, Connecticut
The heating oil supply in your home goes through a delivery line buried underneath your basement concrete. This is the line you see from your tank to your boiler or furnace that...read more
3 Benefits of Home Heating Oil, Ledyard, Connecticut
Since home heating oil systems are rare these days, many homeowners wonder if they should learn to live with them or rip them out and replace them with forced air furnaces. However, ...read more
4 Reasons to Install a Ductless Home Heating System, Ledyard, Connecticut
Installing a ductless home heating system allows you to lower your utility bills without having to sacrifice your family’s comfort. Andersen Oil Company, the premier purveyor of...read more
4 Signs It’s Time for a Boiler Replacement , Ledyard, Connecticut
A well-maintained boiler can keep your home warm even in the coldest weather, but, like all home appliances, they do wear out over time. Knowing when it’s time to schedule a boiler r...read more
5 Replacement Signs for a Residential Oil Tank, Ledyard, Connecticut
Understanding the signs of residential oil tank failure is key to preventing odorous spills and stains, among other, more severe, problems. Oil tanks corrode from the inside out due ...read more
Why Heating Oil Is the Environmentally Friendly Fuel for Home Heating Systems, Ledyard, Connecticut
Heating oil is one of the most environmentally friendly fuel options for home heating systems. When compared to the heating oil available in 1970, the fuel available today is biodegr...read more
Residential Oil Tank Maintenance Checklist, Ledyard, Connecticut
Your home heating system requires routine maintenance and repair just like any other part of your property. As you’re inspecting your furnace for signs of damage, Andersen Oil Compan...read more
What Makes Heating Oil Better Than Natural Gas?, Ledyard, Connecticut
When you’re looking for a new home heating system, you have several options. If you’re deciding between heating options, there are several reasons as to why you should bypass natural...read more
The Benefits of Installing an Oil Furnace, Ledyard, Connecticut
Heating oil is one of the most efficient and affordable forms of energy for residential and commercial property owners. By using an oil furnace, you’ll notice that your living space&...read more
Home Heating Systems: Understand the Differences Between Kerosene & Gas, Ledyard, Connecticut
There are several different types of fuel you can use to power your home heating system. The two main varieties used in the United States are kerosene and gas oil, and it’s important...read more
4 Must-Know Home Heating Oil Safety Tips, Ledyard, Connecticut
While home heating oil is an efficient and affordable method of warming your property, safety should never be overlooked. Spills, leaks, and problems with the equipment could lead to...read more
5 Steps to Prepare Your Home’s Oil Heating System for Winter, Ledyard, Connecticut
Fall is the perfect time to enjoy cool, crisp air and beautiful foliage. It’s also the perfect time to make sure your home’s oil heating system is ready for winter. Homeowners in New...read more
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