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5 Ways to Reduce Your Power Use From Local Home Electricians, West Chester, Ohio
Keeping your power usage down has a number of important benefits. Not only does it help to reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also help you stay within your monthly budget by lowering your energy bills. Here to recommend a few simp...read more
What to Do About a Dead Outlet Before Calling an Electrical Repair Pro, West Chester, Ohio
A dead outlet is a pain and can turn into a series issue if it isn’t fixed. But before you reach for the phone to call a professional, there are a few steps you can take to try to get it working again. Here, Bunnell Electric, locate...read more
Olde West Chester, OH Wiring & Electrical Supplies Businesses
Bunnell Electric Inc., Wiring & Electrical Supplies, Electric Companies, Electricians, West Chester, Ohio
9966 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.
West Chester, OH 45069
(513) 779-8778
When people in the Cincinnati, OH area need a reliable and affordable electrician, they call Bunnell Electric Inc. Their team of electricians is proud that they are considered leaders in the field of electrical installation services, and...
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4 Signs You May Need a New Wiring Installation, West Chester, Ohio
Keeping up with the electric wiring in your home or business is crucial to the safety and integrity of your property. Over time, electric repairs or wiring installations ma...read more
West Chester Electrical Contractors Describe 5 Common Wiring Hazards, West Chester, Ohio
Electric wiring is a necessity to sustain a modern lifestyle, but it also brings its own set of dangers into the home. Electrocution is a serious hazard, and the risk of a fire start...read more
How Electrical Service & Improvements Lead to Greater Energy Efficiency, West Chester, Ohio
Many homeowners are looking to save money any way they can. One of the best ways to do so is by making a few electrical improvements around your home. Electrical services and im...read more
How to Choose Outdoor Lighting That Doesn't Draw Bugs, West Chester, Ohio
If you are tired of swarms of bugs swirling around your porch lights on a summer night, you are in luck. Bunnell Electric, the premier home electricians in West Chester, OH, explain ...read more
3 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Electrician to Install Parking Lot Lighting, West Chester, Ohio
The lighting for your commercial property doesn’t stop when you exit the front door. Your outdoor area also needs attention from a commercial electrician, and parking lot lights are ...read more
Power Line Safety Tips From Cincinnati's Leading Electrical Contractors, West Chester, Ohio
Power lines are a clear, present danger we don’t often recognize. When you think about how much electricity we use, it seems like a glaring oversight — more so when you consider...read more
Cincinnati Electrical Contractors Explain Why Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping, West Chester, Ohio
After entering your home, the electricity that comes from your local power company goes into a circuit breaker box. Inside the box are a number of circuits protected by switches...read more
Top Ohio Electrical Contractors Explain Static Electricity, West Chester, Ohio
Do you remember playing with a Tesla sphere in your grade school science class — those crystal balls full of electrical charges that made your hair stand on end when you touched them...read more
Power Outage Prep: 5 Tips From Local Electrical Contractors, West Chester, Ohio
Most of us rely on modern conveniences more than we may realize — until the power goes out. Then it becomes clear that modern life comes to a halt without easy access to electricity....read more
Cincinnati's Top Electrical Contractors Offer Insight on Solar vs. Electric Outdoor Lighting, West Chester, Ohio
There are still a few more weeks left until spring arrives, but as you wait for warmer weather, you can start planning your outdoor activities now. If you have a backyard, patio, or ...read more
Here's What Electrical Contractors Want You to Know About Knob & Tube Wiring, West Chester, Ohio
Is your home or commercial property a few decades old? If so, get in touch with local electrical contractors and have them take a look at your current electric wiring. In some older ...read more
Electrical Wiring & More: 5 Electrical Issues of Older Homes, West Chester, Ohio
Do you own an older home? Then you’re probably familiar with the variety of electrical problems you may run into. This is why it’s always a good idea to have a trustworthy electrical...read more
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Bunnell Electric as Your Local Electrical Contractors, West Chester, Ohio
When shopping for a home or commercial electrician, you don’t want to choose an electrical service that delivers poor results. Instead, you want to find electrical contractors who ca...read more
Important Reasons Why Electrical Contractors Should Explain Your Electrical System to You, West Chester, Ohio
Do you understand how your home electrical system works? Bunnell Electric wants you to know why it is important for your electrical contractor to explain your system to you. Ser...read more
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