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Flickering Lights: When You Need the Assistance of a Residential Electrical Contractor, Willington, Connecticut
While flickering lights can be a routine occurrence within the home, in some cases, they can indicate a serious issue. To this end, the input of a residential electrical contractor may be needed to identify the underlying more
3 Reasons to Hire an Expert Electrician for Your Business, Willington, Connecticut
Maintaining a perfectly functioning electrical system is crucial, especially as a business owner who greets and services customers on a regular basis. This is why residents and commercial business owners throughout the more
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Patnode Electric, Generator Service & Repair, Electricians, Generators, Willington, Connecticut
(860) 429-3574
Electrical wiring and installation are not something that homeowners should attempt on their own, which is why so many Connecticut homeowners trust Patnode Electric in Willington, CT, to do it for them. Since 1988, Patnode Electric has b...
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5 Benefits of a Standby Generator , Willington, Connecticut
Electricity powers modern life, from the refrigerator preserving your food to the laptop connecting you to the outside world. On an ordinary day, you may not realize how much you more
CT Electrical Service Gives 3 Tips for Avoiding Electrical Shock, Willington, Connecticut
Electrocution isn’t a pleasant topic to think about, but it’s so common that it’s worth understanding how it happens. The truth of the matter is you can get electrocuted more
Using Your Circuit Breakers: How to Trace Short Circuits & Overloads, Willington, Connecticut
Working with circuit breakers can be tricky, especially if you're not familiar with your property’s electrical system. The toughest aspect isn't the repair work that follows, but more
5 Reasons Residential Electrical Contractors Recommend LED Lighting, Willington, Connecticut
Many homeowners are well aware of the benefits of switching to fluorescent bulbs, but have you considered the positive benefits of LED lighting? The residential electrical more
How to Diagnose a Warm Electrical Outlet , Willington, Connecticut
From the toaster to the television, everyday life is powered by electricity. Because electrical power is so convenient and commonplace, many people don’t think twice about their more
3 Common Circuit Breaker Problems, Willington, Connecticut
Circuit breaker systems are a convenient way to manage the electrical appliances in your home. Unlike fuses, which can blow out and need to be replaced, circuit breaker systems more
5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician, Willington, Connecticut
A faulty wiring in your home may cause more than electrical issues. Fire and other hazards can occur, putting you and your family in danger. A residential electrical contractor can more
3 Different Types of Electricians Explained, Willington, Connecticut
Electrical issues can affect your home, office, and car, which is why the team at Patnode Electric believes it is important to find an electrician who can tackle your specific more
3 Key Reasons to Hire Local Electrical Contractors in CT, Willington, Connecticut
If you need any sort of electrical work done in your home, it’s best to hire local electrical contractors. While a bigger company might not offer you the individualized attention more
3 Reasons You Should Maintain Your Generator, Willington, Connecticut
Most homes have generators (machines that convert mechanical energy into electricity) as an excellent backup source of power, in the case of an electrical outage more
5 Useful Services to Expect From Residential Electrical Contractors, Willington, Connecticut
Rather than wait for an emergency, Patnode Electric encourages you to get to know your local residential electrical contractors at your leisure. The Willington, CT-based more
Why You Need a Backup Generator From Willington's Electrical Experts, Willington, Connecticut
As a homeowner, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. When it concerns your home, being prepared is a top priority, which is why a backup generator is an excellent option for more
Willington's Experts Explain The Benefits of Standby Generators, Willington, Connecticut
When a power outage hits, many people are left in the dark. Meanwhile, others are enjoying life as usual, thanks to their standby generators. At Patnode Electric in Willington, CT, more
Willington, CT's Electrical Service Experts Explain How Generators Are Cost Effective, Willington, Connecticut
When you run a business, even a few hours of a power outage can cost you a significant portion of your bottom line. Instead of staking everything on your main power source, you can more
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