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Anchorage Oral Surgeons Explain What Happens After Dental Implant Surgery December 18, 2015

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Anchorage Oral Surgeons Explain What Happens After Dental Implant Surgery , Anchorage, Alaska

Oral Surgery Associates of Anchorage, AK, is proud to be the center that residents can rely on for cosmetic dental care and oral and jaw surgery. This expert team of oral surgeons is passionate about seeing to it that all of their patients live with healthy, strong teeth. If you've decided to have dental implantation at this practice, there are a few things you should know about the procedure. 

During the next 24 hours after the surgery, many patients will experience a bit of bleeding, redness, and swelling. If there is excess blood, Oral Surgery Associates instructs patients to place a gauze pad on the wounded area for half an hour. If the bleeding persists, patients should give us a call for further assistance.


Patients should also plan for a period of downtime after the implementation. Physical activity should be avoided and a diet of soft foods and lots of liquids should be followed on the day of the surgery. Oral Surgery Associates does recommend patients go back to a typical diet as soon as possible. Additionally, some patients will experience severe pain after the surgery and a prescription will be provided. Because of this, patients should avoid driving, drinking alcohol, and engaging in other activities because the medication will make them drowsy. 

For more information on dental implants and instructions to follow after the surgery, call Oral Surgery Associates today at (907) 561-1430. To learn about all the dental care and surgery services offered at the center, visit their website and like them on Facebook.

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