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3 Magical Tips for Teaching Kids Oral Hygiene With the Tooth Fairy From Family and Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Lawrence Gilbert December 1, 2015

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3 Magical Tips for Teaching Kids Oral Hygiene With the Tooth Fairy From Family and Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Lawrence Gilbert, Monroe, New York

Tooth fairy magic does more than change teeth to quarters. This dental sprite casts an enchantment that’s perfect for teaching your children good oral hygiene habits. Prevent a root canal, tooth replacement, or other dental problems before they start with these tips for teaching oral health with the tooth fairy. After decades serving Monroe, NY, the team at Hudson Valley Dental Care: Lawrence Gilbert, DDS and the tooth fairy go way back.

Family and cosmetic dentist Dr. Gilbert shares these tips for using a little magic to teach oral health to your kids:

  • Encourage Healthy Habits: The tooth fairy only pays for top-notch teeth. In fact, according to many sources, her rates vary depending on the condition of the teeth, with healthy teeth earning the highest rewards. Share this hot tip with your kids, and they’ll be eager to keep their teeth in tip-top shape, developing oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Make Dental Visits Fun: Letting kids know that the tooth fairy and the dentist are good friends is an easy way to make going to the dentist seem less scary. She might even leave a personalized note or a small gift the morning after the appointment to thank them for taking this important step towards caring for their teeth.
  • Bring Excitement To Oral Care: Oral health products have become a lot more fun in recent years and make exciting tooth fairy gifts. Leave a colorful, silly toothbrush or fun-flavored toothpaste in exchange for a tooth, and watch kids become enthusiastic about their oral hygiene routine.

With help from the tooth fairy, your children will learn good oral hygiene habits now that will prevent more difficult problems later. Stop a future root canal or tooth replacement in its tracks with a little tooth fairy magic. Of course, some dental issues are beyond our control. Whatever your smile needs, the family and cosmetic dentist at Hudson Valley Dental Care: Lawrence Gilbert, DDS is here to help. Visit their website to learn more about their practice, or call (845) 783-8326 to schedule an appointment at their Monroe, NY office today.

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