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Improve Your Landscaping With a Stone Wall From Rugged Slopes Hawaii November 13, 2015

Honolulu, Oahu
Improve Your Landscaping With a Stone Wall From Rugged Slopes Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you want to define the boundaries of your property or enhance your landscaping, a stone wall is just what you need. The expert masonry contractors at Rugged Slopes Hawaii have constructed custom retaining walls, rock walls, and concrete walls as well as provided quality excavation services for their residential and commercial clients in Honolulu, HI. Their stone wall projects provide visually pleasant additions to their client's exterior spaces.

When you choose Rugged Slopes Hawaii for your stone wall construction, they will help you determine the best types of stone to use. What types of stones can be used for your wall?

  • Ashlar: These stones are cut into regular shapes with flat sides. The professionals at Rugged Slopes Hawaii suggest using this type of stone if you want your wall to appear smooth and flat.
  • Fieldstone: The stones are collected from fields and come in different sizes. Since they are almost always rounded, your wall will have more of a natural look. The contractors at Rugged Slopes Hawaii use fieldstone to construct walls that will provide strength and durability.

  • Rubble: When you want your wall to consist of smaller stones that are irregularly shaped, Rugged Slopes Hawaii will use rubble stones. Rubble stone is ideal when you want your wall to have a textured appearance.
  • Stone Veneer: This type of stone is made from either natural stone or a material that is similar to stone, such as concrete. If the experts at Rugged Slopes Hawaii use stone veneer, it will usually be thin pieces that are attached to the face of your wall for cosmetic appeal. However, it can also be used for smaller walls.

The professionals at Rugged Slopes Hawaii will use the dry stack method when constructing your wall. A wall that has been created with the dry stacking method will not rot, crack, or experience moisture damage. In addition, they will allow moisture to pass through while retaining soil. A dry stacked wall is durable and long lasting.

When you want a stone wall to add beauty to your property, call the masonry contractors at Rugged Slopes Hawaii at (808) 722-4918 and speak to a friendly team member about a free estimate. Don’t forget to visit them online and view their gallery of completed stone wall and other masonry projects.

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