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Help Your Children Learn to Read at a Young Age with Reading in Preschool January 24, 2013

West Village, Manhattan
Help Your Children Learn to Read at a Young Age with Reading in Preschool, Manhattan, New York

Teaching your child the fundamentals of learning at a young age may be the best gift you can give them. For parents in New York City seeking a healthy way to help children learn more throughout their early childhood experience, Reading in Preschool offers a special four month program that they can take part in!

Serving as a unique preschool program that caters to helping children learn to read early, Reading in Preschool offers private tutoring for families who want to develop children's reading comprehension skills early on. Reading in Preschool's four month program can help children two-and-a-half to four years old understand and practice phonetic sounds of the alphabet.

By practicing phonetic sounds, children can better prepare for beginning reading. Learning the phonetics of each alphabetical letter also makes learning to read much easier for young children.

The four month program for preschoolers can also stimulate children's love for learning, and through practicing phonetic sounds, ultimately assist them in learning how to read and write letters on paper.

Reading in Preschool's program is a great way to get young children involved and excited about learning to read, while helping to realize fundamental concepts that will improve their reading and academic success in the future!

A great way to help young children start is with fun tutoring sessions at Reading in Preschool. Private tutoring session can take place in your own home to ensure that your child feels comfortable in their environment. Each session is aimed at being both exciting and challenging, teaching children to explore all that reading has to offer through phonics books, rhymes, stories, letter recognition and more!

So sign-up today! For more information about private tutoring and how to teach children in preschool how to read, visit Reading in Preschool

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