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Septic 101: What is a Septic Tank? October 26, 2015

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Septic 101: What is a Septic Tank? , Gig Harbor Peninsula, Washington

Septic tanks are used all over the world in areas where an interconnected sewer system would be unrealistic. But what exactly is a septic tank and how does it work? Here to answer these questions is Hemley's Septic Tank Cleaning, a family owned septic inspection and cleaning company based out of Gig Harbor, WA.

Read on for our very second installment of Septic 101:

  • What Is A Septic Tank? A septic tank can be made out of plastic, fiberglass, or concrete, with a capacity of around 1,000 gallons. Explained simply, waste water enters through one end of the tank, is processed by bacteria on the inside, and then exits through the other end into a drain field. A well-maintained septic tank can last around 50 years.
  • What Is The Purpose Of A Septic Tank?Septic systems are a type of onsite sewage facility, mainly used in rural areas that are unconnected to municipal or commercial sewage networks. They work best wherever there is enough room for a drain field, which often rests in a wide trench.
  • How Does A Septic Tank Work? Most septic tanks are divided into two chambers. Waste water enters the first, where it stratifies into solids (sludge) and floating scum. The solids sink to the bottom, where they are consumed and digested by anaerobic bacteria, while the water flows onward into the second chamber through a small opening. After aerating in the second chamber, the resulting waste water is distributed throughout the drain field via piping network, where it is then filtered by the soil and plant roots. Over time, solids left unconsumed by bacteria build up in the first chamber of the tank, which should be periodically removed by a septic tank pumping service.

Thank you for reading our second edition of Septic 101. Feel free to check us out online for more information about our services at Hemley's Septic Tank Cleaning, or you can call (800) 699-7854. For after-hours help, you can reach us at (253) 851-3432.

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