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Pronation & How it Affects Your Running Shoes, From The Sports Equipment Experts at REI October 6, 2015

Woodlake - Briar Meadow, Houston
Pronation & How it Affects Your Running Shoes, From The Sports Equipment Experts at REI, Houston, Texas

Having the right running shoes can make all the difference, helping you achieve your goals while protecting you from many of the most common runner's injuries. The first step in choosing the best running shoes is understanding your personal pronation type. REI, your source for all types of outdoor and sports equipment, is here to explain pronation and give you some tips on choosing the best shoes for your gait.

Regular Pronation

As you run, the outside edge of your heel hits the ground first, and then rolls inward approximately 15% to distribute the impact over a broader area. This movement is essential for good shock absorption and positions you to push off evenly using the entire front of your foot. REI features a stunning variety of running shoes for any terrain with the stability support you need.


If your running shoes show most of their wear on the inside edge, you likely have too much pronation when you run, which causes you to use the big toe when you push off. Motion-controlled running shoes with reinforced arches will help counter overpronation.


People with higher arches often underpronate when they run, causing very little of your foot to touch the ground. If your shoes usually wear on the outside edge, you'll be best off with the neutral cushion shoes at your local REI.

With hundreds of stores across the nation, REI leads the way with the best outdoor equipment, fitness gear, and camping equipment you'll find anywhere. Visit your neighborhood store today and find the best running shoes you've ever owned!

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