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Digital Tags: Helping Busy Women Shorten Vehicle Registration Visits October 13, 2015

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Digital Tags: Helping Busy Women Shorten Vehicle Registration Visits , St. Louis, Missouri

While history has shown women taking on traditional homemaker roles, the introduction of technology has allowed them to strike a balance without sacrificing career goals. International PROOF Systems in St. Louis, MO, recognizes that balancing act as well by streamlining everyday tasks with the introduction of its digital license plates.

Many women live by a daily checklist of time-consuming errands. One of those stops is the dreaded trip to any DMV for registration renewals. International PROOF Systems has simplified those visits with its PROOF Smart Tags. The computerized license plate not only validates car insurance and vehicle registration, but it also speeds up the time it takes to locate a car or truck involved an emergency situation.

Here’s one way that the PROOF Smart Tags work: A real-time display validates which motorists are insured and uninsured and which vehicles are properly registered or not registered. Instead of spending hours at the DMV waiting on those validations, women can devote more time to important client meetings without sacrificing getting the kids to soccer and ballet on time thanks to the streamlined vehicle registration system from International PROOF Systems.

As she travels to work, meetings, the grocery store, and other destinations, an accident may occur on the road. To alert loved ones right away, the PROOF Smart Tags are also designed to send a panic or distress signal in case of an emergency. Rather than worry about making a round of calls, the alert will notify the appropriate people and the authorities.

International PROOF Systems even makes it easier for women to prioritize their schedules, because less time is spent keeping track of insurance cards and registration tags.

Women wear many hats and are always striving to balance their careers with family life. Slashing the time spent on vehicle registration and renewal can make a difference in how they structure their schedules.

To learn more about PROOF Smart Tags, call International PROOF Systems at (314) 452-6880. Visit the website to find additional information on the company’s efforts to make digital tag technology a global phenomenon.

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