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Garage Door Screens From Tracey Door Co Make All of The Difference September 9, 2015

Rochester, Monroe
Garage Door Screens From Tracey Door Co Make All of The Difference, Rochester, New York

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to gain another living space that could have the advantages of the outdoors but be pest free? Garage door screens are an ideal solution, as they easily turn your garage into a patio. Tracey Door Co in Rochester, New York has two options for you to choose from and will happily outfit your garage door installation with this transformative product. What makes these screens so great?

  • Multi-purposed: Your new garage door screen doesn’t replace your regular garage door or interfere with the garage door’s function. Rather, you will be able to raise the garage door and then either lower your screen or simply zip it up, depending on the type you choose. Your garage can be both a closed in space for storage and an airy living space for your enjoyment!
  • Ventilated: If you would love to use your garage as a workshop for do-it-yourself projects, a garage door screen offers you the necessary ventilation to work with woodworking projects that create dust or painting projects that produce fumes. You won’t have to worry about rainy days either, because the air flows freely through the screen while protecting you from the elements.
  • Shielded: Your screen will keep annoying bugs and flying pests away and keep you in the shade. There's no need to worry about harmful UV rays or uncomfortable sunburns. Your garage could become a new playroom for the kids or an extra room for everyone to visit and enjoy the weather.

When you purchase your garage door screen from Tracey Door Co, you’ll get more than an amazing product; you’ll receive exceptional customer service as if you were part of the Tracey family. For more than 30 years, the Tracey family and their skilled, courteous team have installed residential garage doors and commercial garage doors. They are experts at garage door repair and are fully insured. For excellent work at a competitive price, call Tracey Door Co at (585) 598-4310 today. 

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