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Fall Fertilizing Tips From A To Z Property Maintenance September 8, 2015

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Fall Fertilizing Tips From A To Z Property Maintenance, Brookfield, Connecticut

As fall approaches, it is time to take stock of your green, thriving summer lawn and make plans for fertilization to ensure a lush landscape come springtime. The professional lawn care team at A to Z Property Maintenance has extensive knowledge of the best fertilization techniques to prime your lawn for a comeback at the first sign of spring. With more than 25 years of experience, these professional landscapers have earned a reputation as Brookfield, Connecticut’s top lawn care service for good reason. They suggest taking note of these fertilizer tips as the leaves start to fall from the trees:

  • Fertilize now: In the northeast, fall is the best time to fertilize because the energy that will be stored in the roots of dormant grass will help bring the blades back to life quickly in the spring.
  • Test the soil first: Ask your landscaping team at A to Z to test your soil for its nutrient content, pH, and organic matter composition to make sure you are adding only nutrients and minerals that your plants truly need.
  • Compost frequently: Unlike commercial fertilizers, you can apply compost to the lawn at any time, and as often as you feel necessary. 
  • Choose the right time to mow: The best time to mow and fertilize is when there is rain on the horizon; it will keep nutrients from getting blown away before they have time to seep into the soil below.


To talk through a fertilization plan for your lawn, call the experts at A to Z Property Maintenance at (203) 775-9174 today.

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