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Health Management Solutions Experts: “Sometimes, Cause is Effect in Healthcare” July 28, 2015

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Health Management Solutions Experts: “Sometimes, Cause is Effect in Healthcare”, Anchorage, Alaska

Sometimes, when diagnosing an illness, it’s hard to tell the difference between cause and effect: “Did a strained muscle cause the inflammation, or is the strained muscle due to inflammation?” Medical practitioners are greeted with these sorts of “chicken or egg” dilemmas on a daily basis.

In many ways, this idea is mirrored in health care systems. For example, was a hospital simply built in an urban area where sick and disabled people reside, or do sick and disabled people move into the area to be close to the hospital? There is no easy answer when dealing with such intricate socio-economic issues, but does it really matter? The focus should lie on the importance of having a functioning hospital in the midst of an urban center and ways to make it serve the community in harmony with other surrounding public programs.


In many cases, cause is effect in health care. From a policy standpoint, those in charge need to stop focusing on the “chicken or the egg” argument when assessing where health care overlays itself amidst the greater topics of urban planning and development, community, public transit, and schools. What came first, or which one of these socio-economic factors has a larger effect on the community, is a moot point; what matters most is that all of these public programs are functioning as a symbiotic unit.

The health management experts at Laux Consulting Group are committed to offering invaluable expertise to those in need. Whether you run a hospital and need help managing your patients, or you’re in charge of public health in your area, Laux Consulting Group can improve your efficiency. To learn more about health policy issues, or how to implement new Medicaid changes, contact Laux Consulting Group today at (907) 227-8859 , or visit the company online to view its list of services, including marketing strategy, management solutions, insurance appeals, and more. 

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