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​The Future of Healthcare From Management Solutions Leader Laux Consulting Group June 5, 2015

Anchorage, Anchorage County
​The Future of Healthcare From Management Solutions Leader Laux Consulting Group, Anchorage, Alaska

As with many industries, healthcare is constantly undergoing change to the way it is delivered and the way it works, and there’s little more influential to the field than technological advancements. At Alaskan based financial management and non-profit consulting company Laux Consulting Group, a big part of the job entails staying on top of these advances, ensuring that clients are armed with the most up-to-date picture of healthcare and related fields.


According to the team at Laux, there are several major advances that will define the future of healthcare:

  • Preventative Medicine on the Rise: Since ever larger portions of medical records are going online, many healthcare tasks, themselves, will see a similar progression. This promises to significantly change the shape of preventative medicine. For instance, health tracking sensors might register differences in body temperature or catch early symptoms of a virus, allowing patients to seek treatment or treat themselves before the worst strikes.
  • Robots in the Clinic: With the rise of digitally based predictive and preventative solutions, robotics will be able to perform healthcare-related tasks on their own. Prototypes that can deliver necessary supplies and samples already exist, and the trend is sure to continue. Along with predictive/preventative automation, these kinds of technologies are still in development and present themselves as an opportunity for future entrepreneurship.
  • The Data Revolution: Already heavy users of the latest technological innovations, physicians will have efficient access to personalized data, significantly affecting the way diseases are diagnosed and treated. This means that there promises to be continual advances and activity in the innovation and production of devices that help connect doctors to diagnosis.


Of course, here to help you make sense of this shifting landscape is Laux Consulting Group; whether you require a new marketing strategy, need help with insurance appeals or are looking for a dedicated approach to project management, these are the folks to trust. You can find out more about them by calling (907) 227-8859 or visiting them online.  

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