Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Impress Your Event Guests With Luxury Restroom Trailers from Jack Pots Portables May 12, 2015

Lake Havasu City, Mohave
Impress Your Event Guests With Luxury Restroom Trailers from Jack Pots Portables, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Many businesses can offer you portable toilet rental services, but not every company can provide you with luxury restroom trailers that defy any preconceived notions you may have about portable toilets. In western Arizona, locally operated sanitation business Jack Pots Portables offers high-end portable restroom trailers to the surrounding regions of Lake Havasu City, Bullhead, Laughlin, Kingman, Quartzsite, Parker and all areas of La Paz and Mohave County.

The luxury bathroom rentals offered by Jack Pots Portables are perfect for corporate affairs, special events (like weddings, family reunions and birthdays) and emergency restrooms during building repairs since they are significantly larger than traditional portable toilets. Each restroom trailer comes with flush toilets, heating, and air conditioning, stereo systems, individual stalls, porcelain sinks, running water sinks, ten portable hand washing stations, and holding tanks. With so many functional high-end amenities, the rentals feel less like a porta potty and more like a real, built-in bathroom.

Jack Pots Portables knows that planning an event can be stressful, which is why their skilled and knowledgeable staff are ready to work with you. The employees are up to date on all the government guidelines on sanitation standards and, as such, they will help you figure out what types of and how many portable toilets you would need at your event.

An upscale bathroom rental can upgrade any event and provide attendees with a luxurious experience. To learn more about what services Jack Pots Portables has to offer, contact the business at or give them a call at (928) 680-0804.

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