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Rogersville Septic Service Explains How Often You Need a Septic Tank Cleaning April 30, 2015

Washington, Greene
Rogersville Septic Service Explains How Often You Need a Septic Tank Cleaning, Washington, Missouri

Regular maintenance of your septic system keeps it running at its most efficient rate. But how often should your septic tank be cleaned? Rogersville Septic Service provides septic inspections, repairs, installations, and septic tank cleaning to the Rogersville, MO community, and they have advice on how often your septic tank should be cleaned.

Your septic tank should be pumped at least once every three years, or at least once a year if your home has a garbage disposal. The use of a garbage disposal can double the amount of solid waste that goes into your septic system. The frequency of tank cleanings also depends on the size of your tank, and the number of people in your home.

Why should you pump your tank on a regular schedule? Many people believe if a septic system does not have any problems, then there is no need to clean it out. This is not the case. Your septic tank collects all the waste water that comes from your home. 

So anything from your bathroom, kitchen, and washing machine goes into your tank. The solid materials—called sludge—settle at the bottom, and the liquid waste is discharged into your drain field where it is filtered by the soil, and goes into the ground water. If the sludge levels get too high, the tank cannot properly collect the waste water, and it can cause a backup in your home.

Make sure you keep dated records of your septic maintenance, and note the amount of sludge pumped to give you a better idea of how often your tank should be cleaned. Contact Rogersville Septic Service at (417) 818-8641 to schedule a septic maintenance appointment or visit their website for a full list of services.

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