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Evergreen Colorado Real Estate February 14, 2018

Evergreen, Jefferson
Evergreen Colorado Real Estate, Evergreen, Colorado

Evergreen, CO Real Estate – Orson Hill Realty

The Evergreen, CO real estate market is pretty much been continuing to rise. It is not rising at nearly the same rate it has in the last few years but it is still rising in value. We are expecting to see more homes come on the market in the spring. We have seen a steady decrease in listings as home values have increased.

There are about 20% of active listings in the Denver Foothills that we had only 5 years ago. We saw a great deal of people selling their homes 5 years ago last summer. That still wasn’t enough for the demand of people wanting to move to the Denver Foothills. They are moving here for a multitude of reasons. I still disagree with the rumor they are movin here because of the legalization of marijuana. I think it has more to do with people leaving California and the midwest and just finding the great schools, outdoor living and close proximity to Denver without having to actually live in the city.

The market needs to start seeing more listings soon. We can’t continue to see home values increase to quickly. I am not saying we are creating a bubble but we are certainly going to have a hard time holding value soon. We have seen the stock market start to possibly enter a correction mode. No market can go straight up forever. I din’t think we will have difficulty holding current value but we can’t go up another 15% without seeing an impact somehow.

One issue we are running into is the rental market is getting out of control and we are pricing normal working class folk out of town. I was living in Key West about 20 years ago and saw the same thing happen there. The working class struggled to live and work within an hour drive. A community can not survive without the working class. 

I think if you ask any Realtor in the Denver Foothills they will agree that we need more listings to support a healthy market and to maintain value. It was hard to support some sale prices this summer because comps were not keeping up with offers.  

Orson Hill Realty understands the Evergreen, Colorado real estate market like no other real estate company. Orson Hill takes real estate listing to a new level. They have a model to expose your listing to 1000’s of people searching for homes in the Denver Foothills.

Orson Hill Realty
30792 Southview Drive #110
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