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Understand wandering and how to address it February 13, 2018

Frontenac, St. Louis County
Understand wandering and how to address it, Frontenac, Missouri


I found a resource on Mayo Clinic to understand Wandering or getting lost is common among people with dementia. Read more..

There are many reasons why a person who has Alzheimer's might wander, including:

Searching. Get lost while searching for something or someone

Needs. He o She might be looking for food, or like to go outside or buy groceries.

Fear. Your loved one may have a reaction to an unfamiliar environment or to a loud noise.

Prevent wandering

Wandering is not necessarily harmful if it occurs in a safe and controlled environment. However, wandering can pose safety issues.

To prevent unsafe wandering identify why the wandering might be happening. For example, if your loved one tends to wander at the same time every day or when he or she is bored, plan meaningful activities to keep him or her better engaged. If your loved one is searching for a spouse or child, post a sign stating that the person in question will be visiting soon to provide reassurance and reduce wandering.

If you're concerned about your loved one's wandering, inform your neighbors and close contacts about your loved one's condition. Keep a list of emergency phone numbers a recent  photo..


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