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Back Pain Caused by Abdominal Trigger Points February 14, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
Back Pain Caused by Abdominal Trigger Points, Lincoln, Nebraska


The rectus abdominis is one of the abdominal muscles. This muscle is the prime mover of the spine for flexion (bending forward) especially for the mid and low back sections. The development of trigger points in this muscle can not only be felt in the abdomen at the source but also have referred pain in the mid and low back.

In general, rectus abdominis trigger points can form in response to visceral organ problems like gall bladder disease, diverticulitis or kidney disease; direct trauma; mechanical stress like sit ups or even emotional stress. Besides sit ups, physical exercise such bending forward and lifting or any prolonged vigorous activity that requires excessive breathing and even poor posture can cause trigger points in the rectus abdominis muscle.

Trigger points in the upper rectus abdominis can cause a variety of symptoms that include mid back pain, abdominal fulness and indigestion, heartburn and even nausea, vomiting, and gastric distress. Trigger points in the lower rectus abdominis refer pain to the lower back and sacrum. They also can mimic urinary tract infections and mimic diverticulosis and gynecological disease and cause diarrhea.

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