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Why You Should Get Your Feet Scanned February 12, 2018

Hay Creek, Goodhue
Why You Should Get Your Feet Scanned, Hay Creek, Minnesota

Chiropractic and Pedal Exam

Chiropractors aren’t just interested in the back- they’re trained to view the body as a whole structure, with every joint, muscle, tendon, and bone working in unison to keep your body on the move. The feet are the foundation of your body, so ensuring they stay healthy and problem-free benefits your entire body.

 Think of your body   as a building. The foundation is especially important, because everything else sits on top of it. When there are cracks in the walls or ceilings – in the analogy, that’s the pain that may have prompted you to call your doctor in the first place – problems in the foundation may be to blame.

To determine the health of your feet and body, your doctor may:

  • Examine the wear patterns of your shoes
  • Watch you walk
  • Perform manual exam
  • Capture a digital image of your feet

These protocols help detect otherwise “silent” problems in your foundation, which may be causing problems elsewhere in the body.

Your feet may feel just fine, but they mat be causing trouble elsewhere in your body. Foot imbalance or dysfunction can have ripple effects, transferring problems (and pain) to the legs, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, even neck.

If your feet do hurt, that’s your body sending out a distress signal – and it’s time to get help. As a chiropractor, your doctor is highly trained in addressing foot problems including planter fasciitis, morton’s neuroma, bunions, and more.

Keep in mind: average American takes 5,117 steps a day. With each step, degenerative changes in the muscles, joints and connective tissues of the feet are reinforced. With the body’s foundation compromised, joint movement, circulation, and biomechanical functioning throughout the entire body may suffer. Foot orthotics could be the answer. They can bend to the body to reduce pain.

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