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Your Indoor Lighting Should Imitate the Sun February 12, 2018

Gresham-Centennial, Gresham
Your Indoor Lighting Should Imitate the Sun, Gresham, Oregon

Our shorter winter days with excessive cloud cover, rain, and snow are keeping many of us from enjoying the light from the sun.

Sunshine provides more than just light. We get vitamin D from the UV rays. The color shift from morning to night helps our body stay on the proper sleep-wake schedule that affects our overall health.

There is help and that’s using the correct indoor light bulbs. A yellow colored morning light [color temperature of 2700 Kelvin] is great to wake up to and for daytime activities. Halogen is a natural light in this range.

As the seasons change, the sun creates a color pattern that triggers activities in our plant and animal kingdoms. Some of those shifts are used to help identify the colors/Kelvin of our light sources (light bulbs). Afternoon light shifts to a blue range deepening with red hues as evening approaches. High noon can be 5000 Kelvin in July and the light in June mid-after-noon can be 6500 Kelvin.

We cannot keep changing our light bulbs to meet the color shift of the sun but we can select colors to improve our lives. Part of your selection will be personal taste, part should reflect the kind of light best used for the activities in the area.

Remember, bright lights can keep you from getting a good night sleep. Low-level lights are better in the evening. To find the light bulbs that’s right for you, stop by Sunlan Lighting today.


Searching for the right light bulbs doesn’t have to be a hassle. For those in Portland, OR, it’s as easy as calling Sunlan LightingSince 1989, Kay Newell has been on a mission to prove that your home’s lighting is more than simple illumination, it’s a way to add to your family’s health. For more help, visit their web page or call (503) 281-0453.

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