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Locksmith Shares 4 Tips to Help You Avoid Losing Your Keys February 14, 2018

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Locksmith Shares 4 Tips to Help You Avoid Losing Your Keys, Elyria, Ohio

It happens to everyone: You dig into your pockets or bag trying to find your car or house key only to discover that you’ve misplaced it. While losing it is quite common, it is also easily avoidable if you take simple measures to prevent it from happening. Elyria Locksmith Service, Inc., a trusted locksmith company in Ohio, shares some tips to ensure you don’t misplace your valuable item.

Locksmith’s Guide to Tracking Your Keys

1. Tidy Up

Even if you misplace your keys, it will be easier to look for them if your place is clean and organized, as there won’t be any clutter to cover them up. Keep your house tidy and always put belongings in their proper spot. Doing so also encourages the good habit of depositing items into a consistent place.

2. Attach an Electronic Tracker

There are electronic trackers you can buy to either use as keychains or attach to existing ones. Some can be triggered to send out an alarm or light up using a base unit, while others can be tracked using a software installed on your phone or computer.

3. Dedicate a Spot for All Your Keys

locksmithA common solution for good reason, having a key rack remains one of the best ways to avoid losing your set. Install a series of hooks or buy an organizer and place it near the entrance, so you can develop the habit of leaving your keys there as soon as you enter your home. They will also be easier to find and grab on the way out.

4. Put Them on a Big Keychain or Use a Lanyard

You’re less likely to lose larger items. Find a conspicuously big and brightly colored toy to hang on your keychain. You can also use a lanyard for your keys and either wear it around your neck or always hang it in plain sight. Both are typically easier to spot if you happen to set them down somewhere.

Sometimes accidents happen. If you lose your keys, contact the reliable locksmiths at Elyria Locksmith Service, Inc., right away to have your lock rekeyed. They have been providing prompt and efficient services to the residents of Lorain and Cuyahoga counties for 37 years. They offer lock repair and installation along with mobile locksmith services. Call them at (440) 366-5625, or visit their website today for more information on how they can assist.

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