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4 Ways to Secure Loans for Undocumented Immigrants With ITINs February 14, 2018

Totowa, Passaic
4 Ways to Secure Loans for Undocumented Immigrants With ITINs, Totowa, New Jersey

Life and its unexpected twists and turns can trigger the need for additional funds. While applying for a personal loan is a popular solution, undocumented immigrants may feel they don't have many options. However, with an individual taxpayer identification number or ITIN card, the path to emergency funds has never been easier. Here are a few ways to secure loans for undocumented immigrants with ITINs.

How ITINs Help Personal Loan Eligibility

Show Stable Employment History

Some lenders will consider personal loan applicants if they have an ITIN and proof of employment. Ideally, potential borrowers should work full time and be employed at the same company for at least a year. Applicants will need to show recent check stubs as part of the loan application process.

Ask a Co-Signer

Another way to obtain loans for undocumented immigrants with ITINs is if a family member is willing to be a co-signer. Because the person has agreed to pay off the loan if the main applicant fails to do so, this type of arrangement should be thoroughly discussed and considered.

Establish Credit

loans for undocumented immigrants with ITINsSome retail stores allow undocumented immigrants to apply for store credit cards if they have a valid ITIN card. These include furniture, appliance, and jewelry stores. The key is to use the cards responsibly by paying balances off in a timely manner and never paying past the due date. Lenders will check credit reports to determine if personal loan applicants have committed to diligent payment habits. A good record may improve loan approval chances.

Open a Credit Union Account

Some credit unions serve communities of undocumented immigrants. For those who have an ITIN card, the financial institution may be more willing than a bank to give them a checking account. Having this type of credit union product will improve eligibility for loans for undocumented immigrants with ITINs.


If you need emergency funds and are not a U.S. citizen, don't stress. Securing an ITIN could be the ticket to obtaining a personal loan. North Jersey Federal Credit Union in Totowa, NJ, is the area's trusted resource for loans for undocumented immigrants with ITINs. To learn more about eligibility requirements, call (973) 785-9200. Check out the website to find locations near you and for details on the credit union's full suite of products and services.

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