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3 Tips & Tricks for Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home February 13, 2018

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3 Tips & Tricks for Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home, Hamilton, Ohio

Windows are an easy way to instantly brighten up any room. They allow fresh air and natural light to filter in, casting everything in a warm glow. Whether you’re building a new home or planning a renovation, it’s important to choose the right set of windows for your project. Below are tips and tricks for finding the perfect style for your home.

3 Ways How to Choose the Right Windows

1. Decide Between New & Replacement Windows

When working on a remodel, decide whether you must purchase new or replacement windows. New windows are normally installed when the size or shape of a current window needs to be changed. Replacement windows are designed to fit in the existing frame, requiring fewer labor costs to install.

2. Choose Your Window Style

There are four basic types of window styles:

  • windowsSingle or Double-Hung Windows: You see these most often in residential settings. These windows are split into two with separate sashes that allow it to open and close. They’re perfect for allowing fresh air to flow in, or creating an extra route for vapor to escape in kitchens.
  • Casement Windows: These designs normally swing out with a vertical hinge, and are typically seen in basements and similar small spaces.
  • Awning Windows: These windows open by tilting the bottom out, creating a cozy effect. You see this design often in beach homes, as well as bathrooms and other small spaces.
  • Slider Windows: Normally similar in size to single or double-hung windows, this style slides open from side to side. This makes it ideal for spots with limited space for windows to operate.

3. Make It Energy-Efficient

Lower your energy consumption and help the environment by switching to energy-efficient glass. These will keep your home cooler during the summer while helping keep heat inside during the winter. Have the insulation around your trim inspected as well to make sure air doesn’t leak out.


When choosing the right windows for your home, consult with the construction experts at Butler County Lumber Company. Since 1912, this company has provided homeowners, builders, and contractors with the custom millwork and building materials they need to complete projects of any size. Learn more about their services online or by calling (513) 896-6660.

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