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5 Concrete Tools Your Contractor Might Use February 13, 2018

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5 Concrete Tools Your Contractor Might Use, High Point, North Carolina

If you have a major concrete project coming up, you will need the expertise of a qualified contractor with the right tools for the job. Whether you need a foundation poured or an entire structure built, an expert needs to have a variety of advanced equipment on hand. Before you commence your next construction project, you might want to learn more about what concrete tools you can expect to see on-site. 

What Concrete Tools Does Your Contractor Need?

1. Screeds

After technicians pour the concrete, they will use a screed to smooth it to perfection. Screeds come in an array of sizes that can be used for projects of all kinds.

2. Vibrators

concrete toolsConcrete vibrators help the material adhere together properly, reducing the number of potential air bubbles beneath the surface. Both internal and external vibrators might be used to consolidate the concrete, which also helps strengthen it.

3. Mixers

Concrete mixers of all shapes and sizes are used to create the ideal consistency. In some cases, your contractor might bring a portable mixer on-site to finish completing a project.

4. Floats

Bull floats are small handheld tools used to fill in any gaps in the concrete that the screed might have missed. This finishing step helps ensure an even, smooth surface.

5. Laser Levels

Rotary laser levels help pinpoint the ideal elevation for concrete. Before the contractor commences the project, the level can provide a 360-degree figure that will help ensure a precise, even finish.


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