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Top 3 Reasons to Hang Up Workplace Art February 13, 2018

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Top 3 Reasons to Hang Up Workplace Art, Belleville, Illinois

For a place you spend eight hours in each day, the office should be more than purely utilitarian in terms of aesthetics. To brighten your mood and beautify the space, hanging some art can help—more than new wallpaper or paint could. While productivity isn’t usually the first reason a person buys art, it can even help with that because of its positive effects on mood.

Why does artwork matter in the workplace? Here are three important reasons:

Top 3 Reasons to Hang Workplace Art

1. Create Company Solidarity

If the artwork depicts an image or concept valued by your company, it can send a message to your staff about what makes you unique. It doesn’t even have to be a direct message though: A piece of art that’s inspiring in its own right can also bring people together in their shared admiration for it.

image2. Bridge Communities

Hanging prints of famous or generic artwork can be nice, but you can build bridges with your community by buying art from local artists. Local art is also unique, and the fact that it was created by someone in town can be a fun tidbit to share with visitors.

3. Inspire Your Employees

There are many ways art can inspire employees. The most obvious benefit is that a creative piece of artwork might have an inspiring effect on someone, motivating them to be more creative themselves. Another way it can inspire them is with its presence, which signals that your company values creativity.


If you’re looking for art to hang in your workplace, you’ll like the colorful glass paintings that Sharon Aach creates in her Belleville, IL-based studio, SaachArt. For questions or to schedule a viewing appointment, give her a call at (618) 830-8542. You can also view some of her work by visiting her online gallery.

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