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Looking for a New Car Radiator? 3 Important Differences Between Aluminum & Copper February 14, 2018

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Looking for a New Car Radiator? 3 Important Differences Between Aluminum & Copper, Rochester, New York

Your car radiator plays an integral role in your vehicle, helping to keep the engine cool no matter what type of driving conditions you may encounter. As the team at BJR Auto Radiator Service Corp. in Rochester, NY, explains, however, the effectiveness of your radiator largely depends on the types of materials used in its construction. Drivers looking for a new radiator often go with either copper or aluminum—but which is right for you? Understanding the differences will help you select the right option.

Top 3 Differences Between an Aluminum & Copper Car Radiator

1. Construction

Copper has the advantage when it comes to heat-transfer abilities. However, copper radiators use narrower tubes and have minimal airflow. Because aluminum is a stronger metal, it can use wider tubes that increase airflow and allow for uniform heat transfer, though it doesn’t quite catch up to copper’s cooling abilities.

2. Corrosion Resistance

car radiatorThe impact of corrosion can make a huge difference on the longevity of your car’s radiator. While both copper and aluminum radiators need proper coolant and consistent servicing, it’s worth noting that aluminum is naturally less susceptible to corrosion. This is due to both the natural properties of aluminum itself, as well as the fact that most modern vehicles are made from aluminum.

3. Cost

Finally, the price tag is always a major point of consideration, and aluminum is usually better in both short- and long-term expenses. In addition to a lower price tag, its longer average life span and lower cost of repairs makes it the more wallet-friendly choice for most drivers.

Whether you’re in the market for a new car radiator or you need auto AC repairs, BJR Auto Radiator Service Corp. will help you keep your vehicle cool. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust their team to identify and fix any problem. To learn more about their auto repair services, visit them online, and call (585) 436-6890 to schedule an appointment today.

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