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3 Common Causes of Neck Pain February 13, 2018

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3 Common Causes of Neck Pain, Mansfield, Texas

When you suffer from neck discomfort, it can wreak havoc on your life. Fortunately, the right neck pain treatment can help you feel your best again. Being aware of the common causes that create aching stiffness can help you work with a pain relief specialist to eliminate unpleasant sensations. Read on to learn more about what’s at the root of your issue. 

3 Root Causes of Neck Pain

1. Sleeping in the Wrong Position

Ideally, when you sleep, you want to support your spine in its natural position. Sleeping in a way that places your head in an awkward position can result in strain and, over time, deterioration of the disks between your vertebrae. The right neck pain treatment can alleviate discomfort. You’ll also want to change your sleeping habits, and potentially your mattress and pillow. 

Neck Pain Treatment2. Spending Excessive Time at Your Desk

In today’s culture, it’s not uncommon to spend the majority of your waking hours hunched over at a computer. This may cause compression of the nerves in the spine, leading to a sharp, shooting sensation. In addition to seeking neck pain treatment, you may want to consider working at a standing desk or taking frequent breaks to stretch.

3. Excessive Stress

Acute and prolonged stress can have profound effects on the mind and body. Not only does stress interfere with proper rest and digestion, but it can also cause extreme tension in the neck, resulting in pain. To reduce tension, engage in techniques that are thought to promote relaxation, such as meditation, therapy, and stretching exercises.


Although these are some of the most common causes of neck issues, you may be suffering from other conditions that require neck pain treatment. If you’ve been experiencing discomfort in your spine and are unsure of the cause, it’s important to visit a pain management specialist. Dr. Antonio Rozier at Zen Interventional Pain and Wellness Center in Mansfield, TX, is a trusted expert in the field of pain relief. He and his team can help you identify the cause of your concern and respond with effective treatment. To learn more, visit their website or call (682) 253-2986.
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