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Wine Shop's Brief History of the World's Most Famous Beverage February 12, 2018

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Wine Shop's Brief History of the World's Most Famous Beverage, Norwich, Connecticut

The world of wine has fascinated people for centuries. From its biblical significance and use in art and literature to its commonplace on today’s dinner tables, this drink is an integral part of cultures everywhere around the globe. Universal Discount Package Store in Norwich, CT, a wine shop, which boasts the largest wine selection in the area, shares knowledge about the history of this amazing beverage:

Wine Shop’s Brief History of World’s Most Famous Fermented Beverage

Earliest Origins

The earliest known recordings of wine date all the way back to 7,000 BC. An ancient tribe from China was said to have crafted a beverage from fermented rice, honey, and fruit.

Wine in Egypt

In 3,100 BC a substance resembling wine was used in ancient Egyptian ceremonies. The Egyptians met with the Phoenicians at this time, who would later be known for spreading the development of wine around the globe.

The Spread of Wine Culture wine shop

In 1,200 BC the Phoenicians took their wine and began to trade in the Mediterranean. Ancient versions of wine shops began to pop up all over Europe. They also met with the Jews who started to use the liquid in religious practice. This is when we begin seeing mentions of wine in the Torah.

The Roman Empire & Christianity

In 380 A.D., the Roman Empire adopted Christian practices. Due to the significance of wine in religion developed over centuries, wine cultivation became of vital importance to the Church. When Christianity began to spread through Europe, so did wine.

Wine & the World

Wine spread across Europe to other parts of Asia, the Americas, and Africa. It continues to gain popularity in religious, cultural, and social settings, as each region developed unique flavors. Since its original cultivation, wine for every corner of the world is now sold in wine stores today.

This beverage is an important part of today’s culture, and there are few people of legal age today who haven’t taken a sip. Enjoy a vast variety of different wines and spirits from Universal Discount Package Store. This wine shop has over 8,000 square feet filled with a great number of selections that will dazzle your taste buds. Ask their professional staff for a recommendation, visit them online, or call (860) 889-6555 for more information.

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