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Why to Schedule a Septic Tank Inspection Before Buying a House February 13, 2018

Archdale, Randolph
Why to Schedule a Septic Tank Inspection Before Buying a House, Archdale, North Carolina

Buying a house is a large investment, which is why you should become aware of potentially expensive problems before finalizing the sale. When examining a home, a septic tank inspection should be at the top of the list. A specialist will find potential issues and recommend solutions before you move in. Below are additional reasons a professional septic examination is necessary before buying a house.

Reasons to Schedule a Septic Tank Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

1. Determine if the Asking Price Is Fair

A leaky roof or damaged foundation would have a serious impact on home value, and the same goes for the condition of the septic tank. Because the equipment is buried underground, it is difficult to detect subtle problems that could eventually become major concerns. During an inspection, a technician will find any cause for alarm that could impact the seller’s asking price. Being aware of problems gives you leverage in negotiating the sale because the seller may have to lower the price or cover septic tank repair costs.

2. Become a Better Septic Tank Owner

septic-tank-inspectionBecause many septic tanks are installed underground, equipment needs are relatively unknown to the average homeowner. During the inspection, professionals will fill you in on where the tank is located, how often it should be inspected and pumped, how to prevent drain clogs, and additional tips to improve system performance. 

3. Increase Household Comfort

When settling into a new house, your first memories shouldn’t be of wastewater backups and additional septic problems. With an inspection, a trained technician will determine if the system needs pumping, check for equipment leaks, and provide additional maintenance to improve household comfort when you move in.


If you need a septic tank inspection for your current home or before you purchase a new one, reach out to Queen's Septic Tank Service in High Point, NC. The experienced, trained technicians will give the equipment a thorough examination to determine how to improve efficiency and safety. If they detect any problems, they’ll perform the repairs or pumping before your move-in date. To schedule a service appointment in Guilford, Randolph, Davidson, or Forsyth counties, call (336) 434-1260 today. Visit the company online to discover how they will care for your septic equipment.  

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