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What Are the Different Uses for Cleanrooms? February 13, 2018

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What Are the Different Uses for Cleanrooms?, Centerville, Ohio

When you have to work with sensitive materials, cleanliness can have a major impact on safety, as well as the success of your project. But since contaminants can be hard to control, it’s often necessary to invest in a cleanroom. As Midwest Medical Systems explains, cleanrooms are carefully-constructed environments that feature easy-clean materials, air filtration, climate control, restricted access, and pressurized airflow dramatically minimize contamination risks.  To illustrate just how versatile these controlled environments are, this medical equipment provider of Dayton, OH highlights a few common ways cleanrooms are used.

3 Uses for Cleanrooms

1. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Sterility is incredibly important in the production of pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment. Without the use of cleanrooms, prescription drugs could become contaminated so that they lose effectiveness or create harm to the consumer. Cleanrooms also play a vital role in the development of prescription drugs, as staff may be working with harmful microbial agents or viruses that must be contained for safety.  

2. Scientific Research

cleanroomsMany forms of lab research—especially those involving microscopic agents—must take place within a clean environment to ensure accurate results. By conducting tests within the controlled area of a cleanroom, researchers can recreate and verify results in a safe fashion. The lack of contaminants not only ensures clear results, but can also reduce the costs associated with extraneous testing.

3. Technological Development

From semiconductor nanotechnology to smartphone optics, most applications used in modern technology rely on incredible small components—including those that are not visible to the naked eye. To ensure that these products are developed in a safe and effective manner, developers must conduct all testing within a sterile environment. Cleanrooms not only reduce the presence of destructive contaminants, but can also help control humidity and temperature—two factors that can dramatically impair the results of computing, aerospace, and biotech research.

Serving customers in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan areas, Midwest Medical Systems offers state-of-the-art cleanroom systems to provide advanced contamination control. Featuring HEPA filtration, pressurized air flow control, and high-quality materials, these environments satisfy ISO-01 to ISO-8 requirements—all at an affordable rate. Focused on customer satisfaction, this laboratory equipment provider also offers custom design cleanrooms to accommodate your specific needs. You can learn more about these systems online or call the Dayton, OH office at (800) 762-7722 for pricing information.

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