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Why All-Wheel Drive Used Subarus® Are Smart for Northwest Living February 13, 2018

Gorst, Kitsap
Why All-Wheel Drive Used Subarus® Are Smart for Northwest Living, Gorst, Washington

Living in the Pacific Northwest is fantastic, and the area is beautiful thanks to its forests and mountains. However, the wet weather and cold winters mean that drivers must be particularly careful on the road. That’s why Northwest Rides in Bremerton, WA, recommends that local drivers look at their all-wheel drive used Subarus®

Why Buy All-Wheel Drive Used Subarus?

How All-Wheel Drive Works

An all-wheel drive system splits the torque of the engine by diverting power to each drive shaft. Subaru produces a superior all-wheel drive system because it sends roughly 20 percent of the power to the rear wheels, and will adjust as needed for your current driving conditions. A computer uses sensors in the wheels to track the traction and wheel speed, then powers the wheels that have the most traction for safer driving.

used subarusThe Benefits of All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive is best for areas where the weather conditions are always changing, such as in the Northwest. When you’re driving in intermittent ice or water, the traction of each wheel is constantly changing, and your car needs to adapt to stay on the road. This system gives you extra stability no matter the weather conditions, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny, raining, or snowing.

Getting a reliable vehicle doesn’t have to break the bank. NorthWest Rides is a trusted used car dealership in the Bremerton area. They offer a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles and financing options for their customers. Visit their lot to shop for used Subarus with no pressure to buy, or call them at (360) 813-3516 to ask for advice. Their knowledgeable salespeople can help you find the right car for your needs, whether you want to try out used cars, trucks, or SUVs. You can also visit them online to view their current inventory. 

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