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4 Romantic Ways to Propose February 13, 2018

Levittown, Hempstead
4 Romantic Ways to Propose, Hempstead, New York

When you’re ready to propose, your first step is to go shopping for an engagement ring. Once you’ve selected the perfect piece of jewelry for your love, it’s time to plan a romantic proposal. Asking for your beloved’s hand in marriage is a moment that both of you will remember forever. If you’re not sure how to pop the question, use the following options as inspiration for a unique and personal proposal.

4 Fool-Proof Ideas for Popping the Question

1. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

If your loved one enjoys a good challenge, set up a scavenger hunt. Leave small clues in areas around your home or town that lead to you holding an engagement ring. Incorporate favorite expressions into love notes you leave along the way.

2. Choose a Special Location

Engagement RingsThe place you propose will be the backdrop of a memory to last a lifetime. If there is a particular location that you and your partner have fond feelings for, consider popping the question there. Whether it’s the place you met, the site of your first date, or a favorite vacation destination, you can make a romantic setting even more special.

3. Plan an Adventure

Some couples thrive on chasing a fun adrenal rush together. If you’re adventurous, pop the question during a daring outing. Ziplining, parasailing, or kayaking are all fun activities during which to propose marriage to the free spirit. Just make sure to keep the engagement ring safe and secure.

4. Throw a Surprise Party

If you want to celebrate your engagement immediately, there’s nothing sweeter than inviting your friends and family to surprise your betrothed. Ask the most valued people in your life to gather at a restaurant or someone’s home and show up with your new fiancee to celebrate together.


Selecting the right engagement ring is the first step to a romantic proposal and a memory that will last forever. Nuha Jewelers in Plainview, NY, stocks a stunning collection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry. They can help you find the perfect ring for your proposal. To learn more, call (516) 931-3700 or browse their selections online.
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