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3 Wood Fence Trends to Consider This Year February 9, 2018

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3 Wood Fence Trends to Consider This Year, Clearview, Washington

Wood fences are a beautiful way to enhance the appearance and privacy of your backyard, but standard designs and colors can seem boring and outdated. If you prefer contemporary over traditional or just want something more unique, consider the following few trends for your fence installation.

3 Trends to Consider for Your Wood Fence

1. Darker Color Palettes

You may be used to seeing wood fences that all look the same. Most have a light or cherry stain to give them a reddish brown color, and while beautiful, this hue can become monotonous. If you crave something bolder and more unique, choose a darker, almost black stain. The rich hue will perfectly contrast your landscaping, especially if your yard is full of greenery and brightly colored flowers.

2. Environmentally Friendly Options

wood fence optionsUnfortunately, traditional wood fences aren’t the most eco-friendly option. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact your fence replacement might have, use bamboo instead. This renewable material grows faster and uses less water than wood. Plus, you can always stain bamboo with a dark shade to pull off the same color palette mentioned above.

3. Flip Wood Fencing on Its Side

Traditionally, privacy fences use vertical panels, but a new trend has homeowners placing them horizontally. This simple change lets in more light while still preserving your private backyard oasis. The long lines this design trend creates are perfect for those who crave a contemporary look.


Whether you’re replacing an old metal or wood fence or need a new one installed, the above trends will boost your home’s curb appeal while maintaining the privacy you desire. The expert fence contractors at Best Euro Construction offer an array of unique options for homeowners in Bellevue, WA, and the surrounding areas. They’ll help you find the perfect wood fence to meet your needs. If you have other home improvement projects to tackle this year, they can help with those as well. Check out their portfolio of work online, or call (253) 334-6938 to request a free estimate.

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