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Catering, Planning, and Other Services to Hire for Your Wedding February 9, 2018

Catering, Planning, and Other Services to Hire for Your Wedding , Ewa, Hawaii

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. In the weeks and months leading up to this pivotal moment, you’ll rely on the support and guidance of friends and family to help you navigate this exciting, emotional experience. You’ll also want to enlist the help of a few experienced professionals for jobs such as catering and entertainment. Here are four must-have experts to have on your team. 

4 Professionals Every Couple Needs at Their Wedding 

1. Planner 

First and foremost, you’ll need to hire a wedding planner. Though some brides skip this expense, hiring someone to manage the venue, catering, and event teams allows you to avoid undue tension and stress. The wedding planner will suggest vendors that suit your vision and budget. 

2. Florist 

cateringWhether you’re only planning to use flowers for the bouquet, decor, or both, you’ll want a florist on your team. Floral arrangements are a focal point of wedding photographs, particularly those of the bride, whose bouquet should reflect her taste and style. The florist will help you pick flowers and arrangement styles based on your preferences, the theme and location of your wedding, your budget, and the season. When you hire a professional, you can rest assured you’ll have fresh, perfectly-arranged flowers on your special day. 

3. Caterer 

Great food is a cornerstone of any special event. Whether you’re serving desserts and appetizers or a four-course meal, you’ll need to hire an experienced, reliable caterer for the job. Catering involves much more than just preparing the food. They’ll work with you to create a menu with something for everyone on your guest list. That includes consideration for guests with food sensitivities or dietary restrictions. They’ll set up before the event, serve the food, and clean up after, saving you time and energy you can instead spend enjoying your special day. 

4. DJ 

Aside from food, entertainment is typically the most critical element of a celebration. DJs create a custom playlist that’ll keep the party going, from your first dance to the last song. Not only do they curate danceable tunes, but they’ll also ensure guests are having fun. DJs bring charisma and energy to the party that creates an enjoyable atmosphere for all. 


If you’re an engaged bride or groom-to-be planning a wedding on Oahu, count on the catering professionals at Laverne’s traditional Hawaiian food restaurant to cater your reception. From Teri Chicken to Lomi Salmon, their menu will delight your guests and finish off a day to remember. Call (808) 551-8214 to speak with a friendly staff member. Or, visit the website to see their menu. 

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