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Why Some Students Struggle in Math Class February 8, 2018

South Windsor, Hartford County
Why Some Students Struggle in Math Class, South Windsor, Connecticut

It’s no secret that most students deem math their hardest subject. After all, it challenges them to think differently than more subjective disciplines. However, some students find math class more difficult than their peers seemingly without reason. They study, they work hard, but they continue to struggle to understand the concepts taught in the classroom. So, why do some kids struggle with math class while others succeed?

Math Class Is Cumulative

Math ClassOften the students who struggle in class are those that do not immediately grasp the core concepts of the discipline. These core concepts are the building blocks for the rest of the semester, and without a clear understanding of how they work, the more advanced formulas and problems will simply be too confusing and difficult to solve. Students who find math easy for the entire year are those that progress from semester to semester with a firm understanding of the basic concepts and how they’re applied in more advanced problems. Students who move onto higher levels of math without getting help from a tutoring service will likely continue to struggle in math class even into college.

How to Make Math Easier

The moment a student starts struggling with math concepts, get them the help they need to work through the confusing topics. Professional math tutoring will give students the individualized attention they need to overcome obstacles in any level of math. Tutors get to know each student to identify the teaching techniques that best help them understand the complex concepts math presents throughout their academic careers. Since tutoring sessions are held outside the school-day hours, the instructors can spend more time on specific topics, ensuring that each student they work with fully grasps the subject matter before moving onto the next topic.


At Mathnasium of South Windsor, their experienced tutors can help Hartford County, CT, students from 1st through 12th grade gain mastery of their math skills. Whether your child is struggling with basic addition or needs help puzzling out the intricacies of high school geometry, their one-on-one instruction can get them up to speed even in the middle of the semester. Don’t wait until a new year of math class starts to help your child develop the skills they need—enroll them in tutoring today. Learn more online and call (860) 432-7794 to schedule a consultation.

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