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3 Popular Types of Military Shelter Systems That Will Benefit Your Needs February 8, 2018

Twin Lake, Muskegon
3 Popular Types of Military Shelter Systems That Will Benefit Your Needs, Twin Lake, Michigan

Military shelters are a vital component of any military operation. These structures need to be protective in addition to being easy to assemble and transport. To achieve all three qualities, specially designed military hardware is needed. Take a closer look at the three most popular types of shelter systems as well as the components involved with each below.

3 Common Types of Military Shelters Systems

1. Army Standard Family Shelters

Army Standard Family Shelters (ASF) are one of the most common military shelter systems on the market. Typically made from aluminum or other lightweight metals, they're easy to move yet durable, and the military hardware replacements are affordable. The protective structures can be used for a variety of needs, from command centers to medical facilities. This versatility is why they're so popular.

2. California Medium Shelter Systems

Made of an aluminum frame, a fabric cover and doors, and spike anchors, the California Medium Shelter System (CAMSS) is another durable and versatile system. It's designed to combat extreme high and low temperatures, and the ultra-thick fabric and interior liners are fire resistant.

military hardwareOne of the biggest benefits of CAMSS systems is its simple construction. The military hardware can be assembled within four hours with as few as six people present. Such a quick turnaround makes relocation quick and efficient, which is vital for on-the-ground military operations.

3. Modular Extendable Rigid Wall Shelters

Modular Extendable Rigid Wall Shelters (MERWS) are composed of connected panels made from aluminum-wrapped paper honeycomb. The simplicity of the MERWS design allows for complete assembly in four hours with only four individuals. You can also exchange the panels for custom military hardware components, which allows this shelter to be modified to fit a variety of temperature and weather conditions. It's also stored in a 20-foot container, making it easy to transport from location to location.


If you're interested in long-lasting, durable military shelters, turn to Avio-Tech for high-quality components. Boasting more than 30 years of experience, the Twin Lake, MI-based metal manufacturers offer a variety of military-grade shelter parts, including fasteners, hinges, LED lighting, and pillow block electrical connectors. You can utilize their large inventory of military hardware or work with their team to develop custom components and structures based on your design needs. Learn more by visiting them online or calling (231) 828-6888.

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