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5 Facts You Should Know About Water Well Drilling February 8, 2018

Taylorsville, Salt Lake County
5 Facts You Should Know About Water Well Drilling  , Taylorsville, Utah

If you don’t have access to municipal water sources, private well installation can be the best way to establish a reliable supply. However, gaining access to natural water isn’t as easy as turning on the tap. Instead, you must hire an experienced contractor to manage the drilling and installation process. If you’re considering this option, here are a few answers to common questions about water well drilling.   

FAQs About Water Well Drilling

Where Is the Best Place to Drill?

The best place to drill will ultimately depend on the geological environment of your property. Often, contractors will use a combination of local records, land surveys, and seismic testing to locate aquifers—natural rock formations beneath the surface that store water.

water well drillingWhat Drilling Tools Are Used?

Contractors rely on a variety of heavy-duty equipment to cut through and remove geological matter that is blocking access to the aquifer. The type of soil and depth of the resource can impact what drill is used.

How Long Does Drilling Take?

In general, residential wells only take one to three days to complete. However, environmental conditions, weather, and other factors may require extra work. As such, it’s best to ask your contractor for an estimate once the site has been surveyed.

How Is Water Brought to the Surface?

After access to the aquifer has been established, the crew will install a pump that uses mechanical force to the bring water to your property. The best type of device to use—such as jet or submersible pumps—will depend on the well’s depth and your household needs.

Is Maintenance Required After Drilling?

Although wells are fairly low-maintenance, you should test your water at least once a year to check for contamination risks. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect the mechanical components and provide tune-ups as necessary.

How Long Will My Well Produce Water?

Wells can provide a service life of a few decades or longer. However, if you notice signs your well is running dry, call a professional to find out if new installation, well repair, or pump replacement can prevent you from losing water access.


If you’re ready to install a new system for a private water supply, Advanced Well Drilling & Services have the resources to help. Based in Taylorsville, UT, this water well drilling contractor has delivered exceptional residential and commercial service in the Utah area for more than 25 years. From locating aquifers to well cleaning, this crew will use their advanced knowledge to provide you with a dependable water supply. You can learn more about their capabilities online or call (801) 572-8080 to request an estimate on your project.

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