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5 Ways Marsden Northwest's Commercial Cleaning Services Keep Your Property Spotless February 8, 2018

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5 Ways Marsden Northwest's Commercial Cleaning Services Keep Your Property Spotless, Kennewick, Washington

For commercial buildings, keeping up appearances is essential to making a great impression. From returning customers to new visitors and employees, many people will form an opinion of your business based on its exterior. Through high-quality commercial cleaning services, Marsden Northwest in the Greater Seattle, WA, area can help your company look its best. Take a look at some of their must-have cleaning services, below.

A List of Commercial Cleaning Services to Keep Your Property Spotless

1. Snow Shoveling

The Greater Seattle area sees its fair share of snowy weather. Let your customers know you’re open for business soon after the storm stops by keeping walkways clean. Snow shoveling services also protect you from litigation by preventing injuries to both employees and visitors during hazardous conditions.

2. Pressure Washing

Building cleaning is one of the simplest ways to give your company a face-lift without spending extra money on new siding or paint. High-quality pressure washing scrubs away months’ worth of accumulated grime, revealing a spotless, fresh exterior.

3. Parking Lot Maintenance

Keeping your parking lot in top condition doesn’t just enhance your curb appeal; it also keeps the people on your property safe by eliminating tripping hazards. From sweeping to striping, Marsden Northwest has a line of commercial cleaning services dedicated to meet your parking lot’s needs.

4. Fountain Cleaning

commercial cleaning servicesFountains can be beautiful focal points on commercial properties, or they can be an eyesore–it all depends on whether they’re well-maintained. Show your visitors you’re committed to all-around quality and attention to detail with a sparkling fountain.

5. Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti can hurt a company’s appearance significantly. It looks unprofessional and like your exterior has been neglected. Allow the experts from Marsden Northwest to promptly and fully eradicate any defacement your building incurs.

No matter what your needs are for maintaining a beautiful, inviting exterior, Marsden Northwest has you covered. This efficient team provides a broad range of commercial cleaning services ranging from general office cleaning to HVAC maintenance. Learn more about their service line on their website, or call (509) 396-6351 to discuss your business’s needs today. 

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