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Auto Salvage Professionals Share 3 Tips to Buy or Sell a Salvaged Car February 7, 2018

Carroll, Carroll
Auto Salvage Professionals Share 3 Tips to Buy or Sell a Salvaged Car, Carroll, Iowa

A salvaged car is typically one that has been greatly damaged; so much so that the cost of repairs is higher than the overall value. That is why buying or selling a salvaged vehicle is so unique. If you are looking to start the process yourself, Quandt Auto Salvage, a top auto salvage shop in Carroll, IA, has shared their best tips to help you along.

How to Buy or Sell a Salvaged Car

1. Always Include a Mechanic as a Buyer

A salvaged automobile is a mystery that must be uncovered. It could have hidden damage or worn-down parts that are likely to fail. That is why it is imperative as a buyer to always have a mechanic you trust look over the vehicle. They will be able to give you the most honest description of the condition. This will be a determining factor in whether you believe it is a good investment or not. Know all you can before you buy.

2. Be Honest as a Seller

auto salvageIf you are selling a salvaged car, you may be tempted to leave out some of the more minor faults. This is dishonest and can lead to a very disgruntled customer. The best thing you can do is be 100% honest with all potential buyers. Let them know everything you know and allow them a test run if the car is drivable. This not only includes the bad things but the good parts as well. Is the air conditioner excellent? Does it get amazing gas mileage?

3. Be Patient as Both

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the auto salvage business can take time. You are both looking for the perfect match. As a buyer, a vehicle you can fix up and make yours. As a seller, a customer who wants what you have. Thus, it is important to remember to have patience throughout it all. Impatience can lead to a hasty buy or a dishonest sale. Both can leave you unhappy when the car is irreparable, or a customer comes back fuming.

Remember these simple tips when buying or selling a salvaged car. Those in the market should check out Quandt Auto Salvage. They offer a huge variety of auto parts, transmissions, scrap metal, junk cars, and more. In fact, with a 60-acre lot and 65 years of experience, they are considered one of the top auto salvage professionals in the area. For more information, visit their website or call (800) 522-1903 today.

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