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What Is Lumecca™ for Improved Skin Texture & Sun Spot Removal? February 13, 2018

Coram, Brookhaven
What Is Lumecca™ for Improved Skin Texture & Sun Spot Removal?, Brookhaven, New York

Whether you are interested in revitalizing your skin texture or finding a practical solution for sun spot removal, Lumecca™ intense pulse light therapy (IPL) may be the ideal anti-aging treatment for you. It was specially created to treat vascular and pigmented lesions and can improve your complexion after a single session. Learn more in the guide below about common conditions Lumecca treats and if you should ask your clinician about the procedure. 

Anti-Aging & Sun Spot Removal With Lumecca™ 

1. Conditions 

Sun Spot RemovalLumecca IPL treats conditions like facial pigmentation, superficial vessels, less-than-perfect skin texture, acne scars, and photo-damage. Whether you spend a lot of time in the sun or developed dark spots from hormonal changes, the Lumecca tool will target your specific skin care needs and remove pigmentation through a process called selective photothermolysis. The result is a clearer complexion and brighter, younger-looking skin. 

2. Treatments  

During a Lumecca treatment, your clinician will use the IPL device to deliver powerful pulsed light to the dark spots on your face. The sensation feels similar to a rubber band snapping on your skin. The procedure is short and you can return to normal activities immediately afterward. 

Patients will notice sun spot removal and complexion restoration a few days after their treatment. Over time, the skin will continue to look more youthful and vibrant. You will notice the most visible results after one to two weeks. Most patients experience complete rejuvenation of their dark spots in only a few visits. Ask your clinician for more information about the duration of treatment for your specific condition. 

3. Candidates

You are a potential candidate for Lumecca if you have any of the conditions above and want to improve the appearance of your face. Patients of all skin tones are eligible. Since discomfort with IPL is minimal and skin reactions are rare, there are few restrictions to receiving the treatment. Talk to your non-surgical beauty expert to see if Lumecca is the best procedure for your skin care goals. 


Everyone wants ageless, flawless skin. Caring Aesthetics in Mount Sinai, NY, has a collection of innovative non-surgical beauty equipment and a team of qualified professionals to treat your skin care needs. To learn more about Lumecca for anti-aging treatment and sun spot removal, visit their website. To make an appointment or to learn more about nonsurgical face-lifts and body sculpting, call (631) 642-7420.

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