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Why You Should Take Your Prescriptions Exactly as Directed February 6, 2018

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Why You Should Take Your Prescriptions Exactly as Directed, Princeton, West Virginia

The good news about health problems is that the majority of them can be prevented, managed, or cured with the use of medication. The bad news is that many of these drugs are not one-size-fits-all. To ensure you receive the intended benefit of the medication, your physician will work with your pharmacist to provide a custom-arranged prescription that may come with specific instructions. Committed to patient safety, Hickman’s Pharmacy in Princeton, WV, explains why it’s incredibly important to take these drugs exactly as directed.

The Importance of Adhering to Medication Instructions  


prescriptionA few medications—such as pain relievers—may work only in the short-term. However, most prescriptions are designed to improve health over the long-term. For example, if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease, you must take a certain amount of medication every day to minimize the risk of complications.

Other drugs may only need to be taken in a single series—such as antibiotics. However, if doses are missed or the medication is abruptly stopped, these formulas may not provide the full protective benefit you had hoped for.

Side Effects

Doctors will often prescribe drugs in a way that helps minimize the side effects the medication is known to produce. Ignoring these directions could mean experiencing unpleasant symptoms that could dramatically lower your quality of life.

For example, they may direct you to take a pill with food to minimize nausea. Other drugs, such as anti-anxiety medications, may make you tired and are best taken at night. Some prescriptions may even interact negatively with other drugs you take, making it critical to take them at separate times of the day.


In addition to minor side effects, some medical prescriptions can be life-threatening if not used properly. A person with diabetes, for instance, may experience dangerously low blood sugar if they take too much insulin. Other products may present the risk of overdose if too much is consumed or if the medication is combined with other substances.  

While it’s always important to precisely follow medical prescription instructions, it’s also crucial to address concerns or questions you may have about your treatment. That’s why Hickman’s Pharmacy makes it a priority to provide each patient with personalized consultation whenever it’s needed. Whether you have a question about dosages, side effects, or potential alternatives, these pharmacists will provide easy-to-understand information to ensure you have confidence in your care. Visit this Princeton, WV, drugstore online to learn more about their services or call (304) 425-2188 for help ordering prescriptions.

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