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How to Know When You Need Water Line Repair or Replacement February 13, 2018

Hilo, Hawaii
How to Know When You Need Water Line Repair or Replacement, Hilo, Hawaii

When water pipes burst, not only does this affect your water supply, but it also means you face the decision to either choose a water line repair or a full replacement. There are a few reasons to choose one over the other. Below is a quick rundown of how to decide which service to pick.

Water Line Repair vs. Replacement

When to Repair

water line replacementIf your water line is fairly young and a plumbing contractor can determine the exact location of the crack causing a leak, a repair is your best bet. Usually, water line repair experts will purge any remaining water before inserting a smaller pipe into the damaged system. The plumber will then send in urethane foam crack filler, which will expand between the two pipes. The foam hardens and seals the spot that was causing the water leak. Once the pipes are connected, water is allowed to flow through, making your water line functional. As long as the damage is minimal and the crack is contained to a small area, water line repair is enough.

When to Replace

If your water line is old and worn, a replacement is the better choice. The constant expanding and contracting of water in the pipes through varying temperatures most likely weakened the older system to the point where it is no longer structurally sound and will continue causing trouble. In addition, water lines that have suffered severe amounts of damage should be replaced entirely.

There are two ways to replace water lines: trenching or trenchless. Trenching is an older method, involving completely digging out the cylinder and replacing it with a new one. The process is costly and also uproots your property, leading to necessary repairs to the landscaping and calling utility companies to ensure no wiring will be disturbed. Trenchless pipe replacement causes less upheaval and is more popular. A new, slightly smaller pipe is inserted into the damaged one to replace it, allowing you to avoid any digging on your property. This procedure is less costly and more environmentally sound.


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