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4 Water Well Installation Steps February 6, 2018

Cairo, Grady
4 Water Well Installation Steps, Cairo, Georgia

Many homes and businesses gain access to water by digging wells as opposed to tapping into main sewer lines. Since having fresh, uncontaminated water is critical, only a professional drilling contractor should perform well installation. To help you better understand this process, check out the following steps below.

4 Primary Steps in the Water Well Installation Process

1. Find a Licensed Drilling Contractor

The well installation process requires heavy equipment, hands-on experience, and a sound understanding of how to navigate different terrain, from dirt and sand to rock formations. With this in mind, look for an experienced contractor with top-notch references and the proper licenses and insurance to ensure you’re protected at all times. 

2. Evaluate Land & Secure Permits

Before you pick a spot for yourWell Installation future well, you’ll need to perform a thorough evaluation of the land. This way, you can select the ideal location that’s within your property lines. You may need to do some additional research to determine whether wells have been dug in the past, and if so, what their locations are. Once you’ve found the best spot that’s far away from potential contaminants, work with your drilling contractor to secure the appropriate permits to complete an installation. 

3. Determine Best Drilling Technique

The best wells are dug by a sufficient water source that isn’t encumbered by any dense rock. Groundwater wells are typically 20 feet underground, but some wells can travel 50 feet below the surface. Your contractor will determine the best technique based on the predicted depth and the consistency of dirt and soil. Augers and rotary drills are the most popular methods to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

4. Install Casing

Once the drilling process is complete, a narrow casing will be inserted into the well to prevent contaminants from seeping into the fluid. This will reduce wear on the sides. 


Gainous Well Drilling is known throughout the greater Cairo, GA, area, for providing top-notch services, from water well installation to on-going maintenance and pump repairs. With over 50 years of combined experience,  you can trust these licensed and insured drilling contractors to tackle any job, large or small. Call their office today at (229) 377-7883 to schedule an initial inspection and receive your free work estimate. 

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