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Dry Mouth, Could you be Affected? February 12, 2018

Black Diamond, King
Dry Mouth, Could you be Affected?, Black Diamond, Washington

 The Dry Mouth Problem

 Today nearly half of us are on some sort of prescription medication according to the CDC. These medications are sometimes life saving and can not be discontinued. However, have you been told that the number one side affect of most medications is Dry Mouth or Sialoschesis? 

   In dentistry we have discovered most of the disadvantages to medications within the oral health. With just one medication, if it happens to decrease the salivary glands production of saliva, you can have a largely increased susceptibility to decay. According to the Academy of General Dentistry AGD there are over 400 medications that cause dry mouth. With nearly twenty five percent of the population on three medications (CDC) it is extremely important that your dentist is giving you instructions on how to combat this time bomb. Decay is not the only issue with a dry mouth. If you have dentures and a dry mouth they may not stay put without saliva.  A dry mouth can also be a sign of a systemic problem. Such as autoimmune diseases , diabetes , or cancer of the salivary gland.

What Can We Do

   Keeping hydrated is the number one way to fight Xerostomia (dry mouth). Often times dry mouth is just a result of not drinking enough water. Whether it is caused by medication or not drinking enough water, dry mouth is reduced by getting the proper hydration.

   The next best way to keep the oral cavity moist is to stimulate the glands to salivate with non-sugar gum or lozenges. Xylitol is the common ingredient in these treats that stimulate saliva without the harmful effects of sugar. Just beware that it is not to be consumed by pets.

What Should We Not Do

  What you should not do is consume caffeine, alcohol, or salty foods. All of these substances cause your kidneys to eliminate water. Thereby increasing the dry mouth problem.

Don’t Fight the Battle Alone

   If you are noticing a dry mouth, discuss this with your dentist. He or she can help you keep a healthy mouth despite this complication to oral health.


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