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When Can Hardwood Floors Be Repaired Instead of Replaced? February 6, 2018

Providence, Providence, RI
When Can Hardwood Floors Be Repaired Instead of Replaced?, Providence, Rhode Island

Hardwood floors add classic beauty to a home. This surface may experience wear-and-tear from foot traffic, pets, and moving furniture. Not all damage requires a replacement installation, though. Below is more information about situations in which existing wood can be salvaged.

Cosmetic Issues

If the damage to your floors is purely cosmetic, such as a scratch or chip resulting from an overeager pooch or the heavy thud of a chair’s leg, it can usually be repaired. Sanding and refinishing the surface can buff away minor issues so it’s good as new.  

hardwood floorsSpeaking of buffing, some hardwood needs a good shining now and then. Over time, the luster and brilliance of this material can fade, minimizing the attractiveness of your rooms. With no replacement necessary, dulled surfaces can be buffed and refinished to bring back their sheen.

Structural Issues

Termites might send a shiver through any hardwood-floor owner, but even damage from these little beasts can be repaired. If the insects haven’t chewed through too much of the material, the compromised sections can be spruced up or replaced individually instead.

Aged hardwood floors may be prone to creaking and squeaking. To lessen the frequency of these noises, the surface can be tightened and lubricated. This approach is temporary, though, and a replacement installation should be planned in the future. 


No matter what type of hardwood floor issue you’re facing, it’s always best to get the advice of a professional. American Floors has repaired and refinished hardwood floors in Riverside, RI, for more than four decades. The company’s talented crew can expertly restore and install floors, remodel kitchens, and more, paying close attention to the customer’s wishes during each step of the process. For more information, call (401) 433-0530 or visit the website today.

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