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What Are Some Ways to Eat Low-Carb at Family Restaurants? February 7, 2018

Erlanger, Kenton
What Are Some Ways to Eat Low-Carb at Family Restaurants?, Erlanger, Kentucky

Dining out is often associated with high calorie and carbohydrate counts, but there are still plenty of ways for diet-conscious individuals to make healthy choices in family restaurants. In fact, while many menu options may already be rich in valuable nutrients such as vitamins and proteins, others can be made even healthier with a few strategic swaps. If you’re on a mission to limit your carb intake while still enjoying the benefits of dining out, take a look at the helpful information provided below.

A Guide to Low-Carb Dining in Family Restaurants

Which Options Are Already Low-Carb?

One of the simplest ways to cut back on carbs is to simply select a dish with few carbs to begin with. If you’re craving something crunchy and fresh, take a look at the restaurant’s salad selection. You might just find an option with all of the flavors you’re seeking—almost entirely carb-free! On the other hand, if something warm is what you’re after, browse through the soups and chili. These hearty dishes still have all of the great tastes and feel of comfort food with fewer carbs than some other options. For breakfast, consider a protein-rich meal like an omelet.

Can You Make Substitutions?

family restaurantIf there’s something on the menu you simply can’t resist, but you know it has carbs, consider how you might be able to enjoy it while still limiting yourself. For instance, if your heart is set on a burger, you could half your portion and save the rest for leftovers. Or, consider skipping the bun and holding the French fries. The restaurant may even suggest low-carb substitutions for diet-conscious diners, so it never hurts to ask!


If you’re seeking comfort food of all kinds—including low-carb options—look no further than Colonial Cottage in Erlanger, KY. With menu items like their bottomless soup and salad, “Jake’s Favorite” chili, and satiating omelets, there are choices available for diners of all needs and preferences. View their full menu online, or call the family restaurant at (859) 341-4498 to learn more.

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